Saturday, September 10, 2011

What woman wants 'canceled' on her crotch?

Everyone who thought the clocks team should have won Thursday night's Runway challenge, raise your hands!! ... All of you buffoons with hands in the air, consider yourselves auf'd from this blog.

OK, OK, you can keep reading. But please seek help for your devastating vision problem.

I mean, what in the world? I was super excited to see a team challenge were five designers had to mesh their design ideas together into one collection. Plus, they had to design fabrics, which is always tragic. But I swear, from the first time Tim entered the work room, the winning team was abundantly clear.

Well, hold on, I suppose given Heidi's affinity for Bert's insane garments, there was a bit of doubt lingering. Those judges ... who knows what they'll say next. But for the vast majority of sane viewers, it was quite clear that Anthony Ryan and Viktor's team had the corner market on classy-sassy New York wear Thursday night.

My favorite piece was Anthony Ryan's tulip skirt. I also loved Olivier's tailored jacket. Anya was the winner of the challenge, but only because, while every other designer voted for THEMSELVES to be the winner on the team, Bryce threw his vote to Anya, so she ended up with two. So I'm not sure why she was that excited about the win.

The losing team, on the other hand, made up fabric designs to go along with a time/clocks theme, so some models had words such as "canceled" and "delayed" on their outfits, including the dreaded "canceled" on the crotch piece that Michael Kors pointed out (it sent the frumpy Becky packing). What was the worst piece? Every single piece on the losing team. 'Nuff said.

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