Saturday, May 14, 2011

Focus is tricky business

I'm in an odd state of transition. A couple of posts ago I wrote about wanting to relax and stop obsessing so much about losing X number of pounds in X number of days.


But doesn't a lack of focus cause a person to stagnate? I'm still exercising a lot. And I do eat pretty well most days. But I've been going out a LOT. And I'm not good about watching my calories in a social setting.

Take last night. I went to see my friend's band, Fish Frye, at Cedars Grille with my sister and a friend. Had a burger for dinner. No cheese. Didn't eat my fries. That's pretty good. But I had a glass of wine. Which lead to another, and then, yes folks, three more after that. During all of this wine drinking, my sister and I ordered a dessert to split. And the band gave us their bruscetta when it was time to take the stage. I'm not sure how many calories that totals, but I know for sure it's a lot more than my daily allowance.

So I'm sort of stuck right now. Maybe it's important to set goals so that you're likely to set boundaries in order to get there. It doesn't have to mean obsessing, but setting a weight-loss number I'd like to reach in a certain period of time gives me something to aim for.

So, here it is: In three weeks, at the five-month mark, I'd like to be down a total of 62 pounds.

Let's do this!

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