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That pretty much sums up my thoughts on last night's "Runway." And that is because: Everybody in the top of Thursday night's judging, I would have put on the bottom. And a couple of people on the bottom? Yeah, I totally would have put them in the top.

What the hell?! I'm so sick of this year's judging. Drives me nuts.

So, the challenge was to design a couture garment using a style of fabric: metallic, velvet, etc. They're told they're given two days, so like idiots, a lot of them were lollygagging around the work room as if they'd never seen the show before. And then all of a sudden, Tim comes in on the second day and says "Designers, you have to design a second look," a ready to wear companion piece to the couture. OF COURSE THEY DO. THIS IS "PROJECT RUNWAY," DUMMIES. So they get all shocked and horrified and boo hoo and whatever. But they all manage to pull it off in time.

So, here's the break down. Gretchen, Andy and Mondo make it into the top. Michael C., Valerie and Ivy are on the bottom.

Where to begin ...

How about with Gretchen, who made a matronly, velvet dressing gown that would have been too dowdy for a lady 500 years ago (see photo). Her companion dress, aside from the slutty slits up the side, would sell well at the Dress Barn. And the judges just lapped it up like kittens. Loved it! Trust me, I was watching on High Def and got a good up-close look at every bead and feather, and I can honestly tell you, there was NOTHING couture about that monstrosity. My jaw dropped.

Mondo won. His was OK. His style always reminds me of traffic signs and police tape, though. Jarring, geometric, structured, off-putting.

And Andy ... All I can say is that his model looked like a Chinese dragon. That's as clear as I can make it.

Michael C., on the other hand, who everybody hates but who has never been in the bottom until last night, made GORGEOUS companion dresses out of bordeaux material that was to die for (see photo). His train on his couture was a little long and too structured, sure. But the bones of the dress were wonderful. A couple of minor alterations, and they would have been perfect.

I liked Valerie's white dress, too, which was her couture. Her black companion dress was totally last minute and not cute, but her white was striking. Hated it -- they just hated it. Uhh, whatever.

My only nice surprise of the evening was watching Ivy go home. She's so very mean, and last night, her couture dress was just a train wreck. Imagine an aqua mermaid got roughed up in a car accident and that's what her dress looked like (see photo). A raggedy mess of aqua and blue chiffon. Despite the fact that her companion dress was a cute little cocktail number, her meanness outweighs her slight bit of talent in my eyes. I would choose Valerie to stay over her a thousand times. Good riddance!

The judges better put their contacts in next week. Getting a little tired of having to come on here and school them. ; )

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