Thursday, September 9, 2010

Do rich people have an entirely different wardrobe for vacations?

Notes from the "Runway" is back! ...
A pet-peeve to start ...
Michael Kors: Every designer, no matter who they are, he says, will make a resort collection. ... What? Did anyone else think to themselves when Heidi was issuing the challenge tonight "What the hell are resort clothes?" Maybe we're Minnesotan, Midwestern salt-of-the-Earth types who don't do resorts. But hey, I'm betting the majority of "Runway's" viewership doesn't hit the "resorts" on the weekends. Where are these places? Southern California? The Hamptons? And are there seriously specific kinds of clothes people wear to resorts? What makes them "resort clothes" instead of, say, Sunday afternoon garden party clothes, or, say, just plain vacation clothes? Weirdest challenge. Just weird.

One more pet-peeve: I'm tired of the finky finks this season. Gretchen and Ivy need to shut it. Even after poor Michael C. wins TWO challenges, they're sure they're right that he sucks and the judges are wrong. And the abuse continues tonight as Mondo, on the bottom this challenge, explains to the judges how proud he is to have had the opportunity to "guide" Michael C. through this challenge. Ummm, Michael C. was passed through to the next round, Mondo. You're the idiot standing on the runway next to your sailor-inspired adolescent bikini. Ivy committed a similar offense by blaming Christopher for her own shoddy and boring white pants and grey top. That's a design problem, not a construction problem.

I should back up. Thursday night's challenge was to partner up with another designer and have that designer execute your design. So, Ivy sketched an outfit, and Christopher cut and sewed it, for example. The idea is that most designers don't construct their own work in the real world. They outsource. I get that. But in the real world, I must point out, DESIGNERS GET TO PICK WHO THEY WANT TO TAILOR THEIR CLOTHES.

Anyway, my favorites tonight included April, who won the challenge (her first). She made a see-through babydoll dress that was black, with a solid black bra top and black boy shorts underneath. It was really cute and edgy at the same time.

I also liked Andy's, which was a silver and purple bathing suit with a flowy wrap over it. Although I thought it was crap that guest judge Kristen Bell liked how "versatile" the garment was because someone size "12 or 2" could wear it. Well, let's see, the bathing suit showed more skin than Playboy, so I don't know a size 12 who would go there, Kristen Bell, size pre-teen.

Who did we hate ... Ivy, for being rude and boring. Gretchen, because her garment was gold, purple and Old Lady. And Michael C., actually, because I almost saw boob under those thin halter straps.

I actually didn't hate Casanova's tonight, even though he went home. The top was interesting. I liked the belt. I get what they mean about it being old. It was. But it was sophisticated, which is more than I can say for some of those pieces.

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