Friday, August 6, 2010

A rotten Peach and some very shady business ...

SHADY! That was just plain shady business last night. Did I miss the part where they explained to the designers that on each episode there was a chance for more than one person to go home? Rude. Very rude. That cute little elf-looking guy... ummm ... still learning names ... Nicholas! There he had just watched Mr. Jason Bowler Hat get booted, and surely he thought that meant he was safe. And then Heidi unleashes her suppressed angry German roots: I said Auf Wiedersehen, damn it! ...OK, she said something to the effect of "I'm sorry, you are out, too." But still.

Jeez. I don't know. This season is just weird. Usually I see a designer or two with a really cool vision and style and I latch onto them. I don't see anyone, talent-wise or personality-wise, where I care what they're working on. Is this show over for me? I'm going to stick it out this season, but I tell you, I'm continuously disappointed by casting the past couple of seasons.

Anyhow, another big win last night for Gretchen. I liked it. It was a blue jumper, but I liked it. Still, I thought for sure Valerie's red sporty/sexy dress would take it.

As for the bad garments, there are many to choose from, but I'll just mention Jason's for sure. He got kicked off for good reason with this silver wrap dress held together by safety pins ... ON PURPOSE. Enough said, I think. Here's a little "behind the scenes" video to show you what I mean.

And then poor old lady Peach turned in a polka dotted tea party frock with a brown alien crawling down its back. I posted a picture so you can see what I'm talking about. I don't think Peach is long for the Runway.

That's all for now. Hopefully I'll be excited about something next week. Ho, hum.

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  1. So... after last night... we send Sara home ~ who yes her "dress" was terrible; however Cassinova (who creeps me out totally) should be gone. I'd like to hear your thoughts.