Tuesday, December 15, 2009

The nominations are in and are thin on greatness

Golden Globe announcements today ...

I gotta tell you, not super excited. Every year, I wait for the Golden Globe nominations to tip me off about the movies that would never come to Mankato -- the Oscar-worthy films that only come out in the fourth quarter, the ones I've been waiting for all year. I then spend the next two months catching up on them all in anticipation of Hollywood's biggest night.

This year ... Well, I'm not going to run down every category, but just as an example of the tripe I'm seeing nominated in many categories, Sandra Bullock was nominated for best actress in a comedy or musical for "The Blind Side."
Picture this scene:
Friend of Sandra: "You're changing that boy's life."
Sandra: "I'm not changing him." She pauses, the music swells. "He's changing me."

So, yeah, as I stated: Not excited. I'm thinking this will be a musical year. "Nine" will likely be the big one. Which is fine. This is a recession year, and it seems fitting a musical -- something light and fun -- would win. And perhaps that's the explanation for all of this. Maybe the film industry decided to play it safe in this recession year, making movies that are sure to sell tickets ("Avatar," anyone? Not me!) rather than award winners that barely anyone will see.

Regardless, click here for the full list of nominees.

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