Monday, December 14, 2009

Dexter Season Finale: HOLY $%&@!!!

Expletive! Expletive! Expletive! Expletive!

My stomach is in knots. All you Dextees out there, can you believe the twist ending to the "Dexter" Season 4 finale???




Rita. What in the world? Did anyone see that coming? I'm absolutely flabbergasted. I couldn't have been more thrown than if, say, Debra came forward as a vigilante killer herself. ...OK, well, maybe then.

Incredible. Immediately, I wanted to go back to the scene where Dexter kills Trinity. So much more was going on in that conversation than we ever could have imagined. A dark manipulation, so much gone unsaid. Even in death, Trinity has the final say.

So very many questions now ...

What will this do to Dexter? I'm sensing a major meltdown. Rita was so much of what kept him stable and grounded. She and Deb were the constant sources of support and also the people he needed to stay sane for. When half of that goes away, what will that do to him?

What will happen to the code? When a serial killer goes through something like this, and no longer has the source of his pain to take it out on (Trinity), will he no longer care about playing nice?

What will happen to the kids? How will Dexter care for them himself? And also, what will this do to Harrison's psyche? Will it do to him what it did to Dexter? Will Dexter have to prepare to groom a serial killer the way Harry did?

Will Dexter be suspected to have been involved with Trinity? Inevitably, the department will question why Trinity chose Rita. I'm wondering if it's possible that someone will remember Trinity's visit to Homicide that day and the person he spoke to: Dexter. Also, Deb was already suspicious when Dexter shows up out of nowhere in Trinity's garage before anyone else. And then, there's always Trinity's family who know Dexter as Kyle Butler and will see him in Homicide, or will see him in the paper, perhaps, after Rita's death.

This one's a longshot ... Will Dexter dispose of Rita the same way he disposes of the rest of his victims to avoid all of the above questions? Would he be able to do that?

Many, many questions, and unfortunately, we have nine months to wait for the answers. Hopefully, we'll all find shows to distract us in the interim. As for now, this is my absolute favorite show. This season was so great and totally pushed the show into the "amazing" category. "True Blood," I'm sorry, but you have some work to do to catch up at this point.

Here's the discussion between Michael C. Hall and John Lithgow at the end of the show. They make some good points and raise some good questions about next season.

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