Friday, October 9, 2009

Runway: Divorced divas

Winner: Gordana
Auf'd: Epperson

We're back, everyone! After a two-week vacation, the "Project Runway" blog is back online, and just in time for a pretty cool challenge last night.

First, I must say, I've never been a fan of Epperson. And perhaps I had a momentary lapse in good taste, but I could not believe he got kicked off for that dress last night. The challenge was to take divorcees' old wedding dresses and turn them into something wearable, like a shedding of the skin and a reemerging or some lofty bull like that. Really, they walked out with the same problems, but some of them had something new to wear. But, anyway, Epperson made this cool dress with an elongated cinched waste with black geometric lines running virtically along the mid-section. I thought it was beautiful, and I actually didn't get the "Oktoberfest" connection until Heidi said it. Then, I sort of saw it a little bit. But certainly Logan's wool trousers that would make Heidi, herself, look fat were much worse.

Irina almost won her third challenge last night for what I consdered to be a shiny brown mess. It was lacy and old-fashioned and aged the already aging divorcee horribly. The judges loved it. Loved it! I don't get it.

The winner last night was Gordana. She was long overdue for a win. Her work is flawless, extremely well sewn and taylored. She's caught some grief for her lack of personality, but certainly last night she pushed the envelope. She dyed her fabric blue and made a cocktail dress with stripes of ruching all the way up the length of it.

As always, I must mention Minnesota Chris. For the past two weeks, he's really disappointed the judges and myself. Two weeks ago he couldn't even comment when the judges dumped on his outfits he co-created with Epperson. Why, you ask? Because he was sobbing. Dear lord. At least he kept it together last night when they were telling him he made a shiny garbage bag with a belt. It really was. I'm scared for him. He showed so much potential, and now he's gone downhill. Come back, Minnesota Chris!!!

Until next time, auf Wiedersehen.

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