Friday, October 23, 2009

Project Runway: Chris' nine lives

Winner: Irina ...again

Auf'd: Nicolas ...yeah!

Challenge: To design a garment based on a geographical region.

Minnesota Chris has taken the cliche "by the skin of his teeth" to a whole new level. Four weeks in a row in the bottom. Meanwhile, Nicolas has actually won a challenge (somehow) and still managed to be the one to get kicked off last night. I think the judges saw something special in Chris those first few weeks, and they refuse to believe the work the past few challenges is representative of him. At least, that's what I hope. Still, one more bad week, and it has to be over for him. There's no more sucky designers left to take the fall.

That being said, his dress last night was darling, and I have no idea why the judges didn't love it. No, Chris did not go and find ugly shiny tourquoise fabric and try and shove Santa Fe down their throats (Santa Fe was the region he was assigned to design a garment to represent). He did it in a more subtle, classy way. I saw mountains and cacti in his colors. And the belt certainly was Southwest-ish. I thought it was lovely.

Actually, none of the designers did a bad job last night. I even liked Nicolas' white twisty shirt thing, even though nothing about the outfit said "Greece."

Irina won yet again with her brown slacks, sweater and faux fur coat combination. Certainly it said Aspen, but circa 1985. I was surprised she didn't get nailed for that. To me, the real winner of the night was Carol Hannah with a beautiful, flowy, floor-length printed dress, with braided detailing around the bust. Gorgeous. It reminded of Uli from ...last season was it? The season before?

Anyhow, I'll be interested to see who goes next. Certainly, Gordana and the sexy blond guy who's name always escapes me are weaker than anyone else. But I must admit, despite being Minnesota Chris' biggest supporter, one more bad garment and I won't protest him leaving.

Until next week!

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