Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Runway: Correction? I don't know

Since I started blogging about 'Runway' again, several people have come forward to tell me I am incorrect in stating there is one designer from Minnesota. They say there are two. I chose Shakopee's Christopher Straub as one of my picks simply because he won the first challenge and also because he's Minnesota grown.

After people started coming forward about Ra'mon being from Minnesota also, I wondered how I could have missed it. So I checked the designers' bios again. No mention of Ra'mon being from Minnesota.

So, I looked up this article and learned the following: Ra'mon was born in Chicago and currently lives in Milwaukee. Apparently, Ra'mon lived and worked in the Twin Cities for a while. So, I don't know. Is this a mistake by "Runway" by labeling him from Minneapolis (which apparently they have done while he's speaking during the show)? Or, can you say you're from Minnesota when you only lived here for a while?

I'm going with no on that last question. So I will continue to refer to my Minnesota Chris as our homegrown local boy and Ra'mon as my second pick only. So there!

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