Friday, October 8, 2010

Gretchen is a big whiner

I just can't help myself. I'm about to delight in someone else's misfortune. ...Gretchen, na-na-na-na-naaaa-naaaaaaaaa!

She's just such an awful person, and I was smiling quite widely as Heidi was sticking it to her. The best part was when she threw her fabric across the room. Dummy.

Let's back up. Last night's challenge was to design three looks that would fit into Heidi's personal line of active wear. Three of the designers rose to the challenge, and for once, they were the designers in the top three: Mondo, April and Andy.

April's were my favorite, but only aesthetically speaking. They were beautiful black and gray clothes, but too fancy for the challenge. You can't wear shear when you're out getting groceries. And I don't know a single woman who would be able to wear those cheek-high shorts.

Andy won, which was cool. His pieces were very much sportswear, and he made this cool design, all swirly like, with the fabric. (see photo) Mondo was good, as always. He managed to make good clothes without a bold pattern. Who knew?

The bottom three also should have been on the bottom. Not Michael C.'s night. He made pumpkin orange pants that looked like folds of skin hanging off the girl's hips.
And Christopher, who went home, looked like he picked random pieces of clothing out of a bargain bin at Wal-Mart. Horrendous. He definitely deserved to go home.

But Gretchen's performance was the highlight of Thursday night, simply because she was such a big baby, and somehow quite arrogant at the same time. She had the audacity to say she designed pieces that were "missing" in Heidi's collection. If she meant the garbage designs that were thrown out because they were awful, then yes, Gretchen, well done.

Her three pieces looked like 1980s jumpsuits. I don't remember if it was Nina who said that, but whoever did, they were right on. Maybe she can sell her pieces to Olivia Newton John.

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