Friday, November 13, 2009

Runway: The finals

Winner: Yet to be determined
Auf'd: See above
Challenge: Create a collection for Bryant Park!

The finale is upon us! How very exciting. All three girls seemed to be doing a great job in part one of the two-part finale last night. Let's discuss ...

Carol Hannah. She's who I'm secretly rooting for. I know she has been outshined for the entire season by Irina. But her collection last night -- what was done of it -- looked pretty darn good. One piece really caught my eye. It was a silky purple tank with long braids hanging around the neckline that hung down to the chest and waist area. So pretty. She's also doing separates and even pants! Shocking. I can't remember if it was Althea or Irina who remarked that Carol's pieces were all nice, but nothing so cutting edge that they felt intimidated. That's actually a good way to put it. Still, even in the finals, Carol Hannah is a bit safe. Although there is one tutu-looking dress that could really go either way.

Althea's collection was really hard to guage last night. Honestly, I just couldn't tell. I often find with her clothes, you don't really know what they're going to look like or turn into until the models put them on and walk. The movement sort of breathes the life into them. She definitely had some leather pieces I'll be interested to see. Slutty/1980s or chic/modern? Only the runway will tell.

Irina is the favorite. Certainly not for her personality, but for her obvious talent. She has a basketweave technique that seems to be coming up a lot in her pieces. I'm definitely liking it, and I think when she finally finishes, that detailing is going to give the wow effect to push her beyond the other two. Also, that bit of detail will add continuity to her collection, and the judges seem to like that. Tim said a lot last night, "Make sure each piece would be worn by the same customer."

One week left! Can't wait to see who pulls it out.

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