Friday, November 6, 2009

Runway: Fat's cut, so it's on

Won: Irina, Carol Hannah and Althea, as they are going to fashion week!

Auf'd: Minnesota Chris and Gordana

Challenge: To design a garment based on inspiration from the art and architecture of L.A.'s Getty Center

It all happened so fast! It seems like just yesterday we were sizing up the 16 designers of the new season of "Project Runway," trying to determine who the obvious throw-aways were, as well as the clear front-runners.

Last night, as three designers were chosen to proceed to Fashion Week, my top pick was auf'd: Minnesota Chris. He won the first challenge and did pretty dern good for a few weeks after that. But for the past five challenges in a row, he floundered. He knew it, too. Unless he pulled out a true miracle during last night's challenge, we all knew there was no way he would go forward. A stiff-skirted floor-length dress was not the miracle the judges were looking for. So today, I bid Minnesota Chris adieu. Your crying was a big turn-off, but overall, it was fun. Good luck in your career, Minnesota Chris.

Now done to bidness. ...Oh yeah, I forgot, Gordana got kicked off, too. But that was a no-brainer, so we won't dwell on that ... Anyway! So Carol Hannah, Irina and Althea were chosen to go on to Fashion Week. The final three have been determined! So exciting. Althea got LUCKY. Had she not been consistently in the top the entire season, there's no way she would have made it through based on the gold, puckered skirt and top she made last night. Inspired by the various intersecting lines and waves of the architecture of the Getty, she pieced together pieces of fabric that intersected in interesting ways, but the fabric was so poor that the whole thing looked a mess. She also didn't spend much time on the top. But she did what the judges appreciate most: She took a risk, and so she was in.

Carol Hannah did what she always does best: constructed a beautiful, well-made dress. She didn't do a pair of pants the entire season, which I was sure she would get trashed for. But no one has said anything as of yet. I think the judges were bored, but they were impressed with her construction and silhouette. She's in! But I'm calling her the dark horse in the finals. Not enough vision.

Irina, of course, was first to be sent through. She's a bi**h, yes, but she's also a great designer. I think last night was the first night she got a bit of negative feedback, with the judges saying her skirt looked dowdy. But the top was gorgeous, and her overall performance was plenty to send her forward. To me, she's the clear winner at Bryant Park.

So here's what I think will go down:
Winner: Irina
Althea: Second
Carol Hannah: Third

Tune in next week to find out!!

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