Thursday, May 17, 2012

A major running milestone is within my grasp

I've been running since the end of January. A couple of weeks after I started, I was benched with a knee injury, but I would say, all in all, I'd been running a solid six weeks before I signed up for My Daily Mile.

What I love most about Daily Mile is the little widget that tracks my total miles. I always glance over and say, "What!? I've run 50 miles! That's like running to Fairmont!"

Well, I happened to glance over there yesterday, and I saw that I am within close reach of the 100-mile marker!!! Now, like I said, I've surpassed 100 miles. I'd been running long enough before Daily Mile to probably be at 150 miles by now. But, you see, I didn't have the little widget as a trophy before. So I'm allowing myself to celebrate this little milestone.

So, tomorrow night, when I hit the streets, I'm going for the four miles I need to make it to exactly 100 miles. I'm going to potentially give myself till Saturday, though, because it's so frickin' humid. I don't want to die of heatstroke before I make it to the big one-hundo. Unless, of course, anyone knows where one can run four miles completely downhill in this town. Then I'd make it for sure.

Wish me luck!


  1. If you start at north Victory Dr and Madison Ave, down Madison Ave and then follow Hwy 22 north to the junction of Hwy 22 & Township Rd T352 just before North River Front Dr joins Hwy 22 that is about four miles and from 1007 feet to 973 feet that is a drop of 34 feet. Kind of downhill. LOL

    1. My, you are well informed! Haha. Thanks.