Friday, January 20, 2012

'A.I.' blogs: West student in top 42 on 'American Idol'

So hard to keep secrets now that the Internet spreads rumors so very quickly these days ...

"American Idol" blogs and fan sites have leaked the top 42 contestants list, and guess what? Mankato's Shelby Tweten is on it. One site even said the judges are totally geeking out over her.

Where do they get this info? Who knows. Maybe a contestant that got voted off. Maybe someone who works on the show. Who knows? But if it's true, we could have a star in the making right here at West High School.

An anonymous source even said "American Idol" had made an inquiry about shooting footage in Mankato. How exciting!

Tweten is involved in Orchesis at West and she sings the national anthem at area events, including MoonDogs games. She's quite a talented young lady.

"American Idol" kicked off its new season Wednesday with Georgia auditions. Tweten audition in Colorado. No word on when those auditions will be aired, but be sure and tune in to cheer her on!

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